Dam levels continue to drop despite rains

Last week’s burst of rain seems to have done some good for the Eastern Cape and helped raise the provincial dam levels to 46.4%.

However, this won’t be much comfort to BCM as dam levels continue their steady decline. Only two dams are over 50% – Gubu and Laing – and only Laing and Rooikrans saw an increase.

According to figures released by the department of water and sanitation (DWS) on January 13, Bridle Drift dropped to 39.5% from last week’s 40.4%.

Wriggleswade saw a similar decline, going from 31.6% last week to 30.7% this week.

While Gubu remains over 50%, it too saw a drop in level to 56.7%. Nahoon, meanwhile, fell to 43.8%.

Rooikrans did see a slight increase thanks to last week’s rain, but it is still sitting at a critical 21% as of this week.

In sharp contrast to all the other dams in the BCM area, DWS figures show Laing is actually over capacity at 100.9% full.

At the time of writing, weather reports indicate that more rain is predicted to fall over the weekend. Unfortunately, it is likely to do little in relieving the ongoing water-crisis in the BCM area.

As the drought continues to worsen, exasperated by the ongoing climate crisis, citizens are reminded that stage 3 restrictions are still in place and urged to save water wherever possible.

Going the extra mile to save water


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