Summerpride road not fixed, decades later

Residents of Bramleigh Road in Summerpride are once again up in arms over the neglect of their roads by BCM.

HOLE LOT OF TROUBLE: Bramleigh Road resident Chris du Preez demonstrates how deep some of the potholes in the area are

When the GO! & Express arrived on the scene, they found the road to be riddled with potholes, some of which were large enough to swallow the tyres of a small car.

They also observed a number of cars swerving all over the road to avoid them, with one even having to mount the curb.

This isn’t the first time residents have raised the issue of poor road maintenance. The GO! previously reported back in 2013 that they had been lodging complaints with BCM for over 23 years to no avail.

According to resident Chris du Preez, little has changed.

“Last year, me and Trevor [Dalton] had to fill the holes ourselves with some rubble,” he said.

“People are frustrated.”

Du Preez said the municipality did arrive last year to patch some holes but only did a “quick fix”.

“The thing is, with the first rains that come, it all washes away,” said Dalton.

Du Preez said that the potholes not only posed a risk to vehicles but to people as well.

“It’s not going to be long before someone has a blow-out or someone gets run over because a car’s trying to dodge a pothole,” he said.


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