Museum getting creative for parrot project

CRAFTY COMMUNITY: Residents of Silverdale outside East London enjoyed their craft session held to make Cape Parrots as part of an upcming East London Museum exhibition Picture: SUPPLIED

An amazing sense of creativity is in the air as the East London Museum prepares for its Cape Parrot exhibition.

Hosted in collaboration with the Cape Parrot Project, the exhibition aims to highlight the plight of the endangered Cape Parrot and draw attention to the research that has been done to conserve the species and its ecosystem.

Museum exhibition designer Louanne Kirton said progress had been made and various workshops had been held in preperation, the latest being at Silverdale outside East London.

“A local artist asked if they could have a workshop there. After peaking to community leaders and reaching an agreement, the workshop was held at a creche,” Kirton said.

Workshops were held last year at the museum with schools and individuals taking part.

“Everybody seems to have enjoyed themselves and gone into a ‘zone’ of creativity. Everyone can do it, you need not to have experience in art,” she said.

At least 800 wooden parrots have been made so far, of the 1,500 required.

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“It was happy news for me for CGL Laser’s involvement as they have sponsored the board and cutting of the 1,500 parrots for the project,” she said.

DNF Waste and Environmental Services have provided the crushed glass that is being used to decorate the parrots.

The museum hopes to get more artists and art schools involved in the project, as well as more sponsors.

The exhibition date is yet to be confirmed. For more information, contact Kirton on 043-7430686 or email


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