‘Time for youth to start talking’

MODEL CITIZEN: Shiven Moodley represented
the country well at the Asia World Model United Nations Forum in Bali Picture:SUPPLIED

Ex-Beaconhurst pupil Moodley named ‘best delegate’ at Model UN

“There was never a doubt that I wanted to change the world; the question I had was, how? ” said former Beaconhusrt High School pupil Shiven Moodley. Moodley represented the country as part of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) council recently at the Asia World Model United Nations Forum in Bali, where he receive an award for best delegate.

He went up against 1,200 delegates representing 193 countries. “I debated and presented a proposal in order to amend the conditionality of IMF loans, which will prevent the widening of a developing or emerging market fiscus. The proposal is not guaranteed to be implemented, but is a start to a controversial topic,” he said.

“I have always believed that when you are young, you should always extend yourself as far as possible, learn as much as you can and experience life to the fullest.” The IMF is a specialised agency that focuses on fostering global monetary cooperation, securing financial stability, facilitating international trade, and promoting high employment and sustainable economic growth.

“Having had the opportunity to represent South Africa in the IMF council in Bali was an incredible honour, as it is the focus of my masters’ candidacy. “We were tasked with proposing a position paper on the IMF conditionality of loans and the impact on the global financial system.

“After the day of delegation and proposing my view from a South African stance, I was awarded “Best Delegate” for my stance towards the changes to the IMF mandate on loans to developing and emerging countries preventing them from widening their fiscus,” said Moodley.

He said South Africa was well represented at the forum in many councils present, with the country walking away with six awards.

“It is brilliant to see that young academics are getting involved in controversial topics.

“As the youth of South Africa and Africa, we should be pushing the hierarchy of government to follow through on the promises of the African Union Agenda of
2063. “I urge the youth to start talking about these matters and to research topics because the discussion starts with one person with a purpose,” Moodley said.


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