BCM dam decline continues

Wriggleswade Dam near Stutterheim showing signs of the drought as water levels have dropped dramatically Picture ALAN EASON

The last week’s rain has brought some relief to the drought-ridden Eastern Cape, with provincial dam levels rising to 47.3% according to the latest figures released by the department of water and sanitation (DWS).

Once again, however, BCM has failed to see much benefit as dam levels continue to decline.

Only one dam – Bridle Drift – saw an increase this week, rising almost a whole percentage point to 42.9%.

Every other dam, meanwhile, saw their levels decline. Gubu and Laing remain the only dams in the area above 50%, with Gubu dropping to 56.2% and Laing remaining steady at 100.9%

Nahoon Dam, on the other hand, dropped from last week’s 43.8% to 42.&% this week. Rooikrans lost what little water it was able to gain from last week, dropping back to 20.7%. Finally, Wriggleswade dropped an entire percantage point to 29.7% as of Tuesday.

BCM residents are reminded that Stage 3 water restrictions are still in place and are advised to conserve as much water as possible.


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