7de Laan Academics to host youth talent show

Buffalo Flats’ 7de Laan Academics will be hosting the East London’s Got Talent 2020 talent show next month for the youth of East London. According to 7de Laan secretary Simthembile Balekani, the main purpose of the show is to showcase the talents of the people of East London.

“There ’s many talents in the BCMM region that are not being identified and we want to try as much as we can to identify and showcase them and to make someone‘s life better after the show,” he said.

Balekani said the inspiration behind the starting of 7de Laan Academics was to foster development and growth in the community, and to try and fight the high rate of criminal activity.

“So far there’s a lot we achieved in that department as many of the youth in the community are part of our Academics. Our slogan is ‘We Strive for Excellence’,” Balekani

7de Laan Academics has 85 members. Their soccer club consists of 25 players, their first team netball team has 25 players and their second netball team has 30 players.


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