WATCH: How smart metal containers are saving SA babies from deadly dumping

Recent studies show about 3,500 children survive abandonment every year in SA. Experts say for every one child found alive, two are found dead, leaving the number of abandoned children upwards of 10,000 every year. Of these children, 65% are newborns.

The issue has seen 32 smart metal containers being installed across SA by activists.

A Baby Saver is a metal container built into a wall of a safe house.

It allows a mother to leave her baby in the container rather than dumping the infant in a bin or a river.

Once the baby is placed inside the container, responders are alerted.

In SA, a mother who gives up her child can be arrested and charged with attempted murder, making the Baby Saver essentially illegal.

The new Macassar Baby Saver will be overseen by child protection organisation Wandisa, which takes over after a child is recovered.

Wandisa is also pushing the SA government to amend the law concerning child abandonment in support of mothers who safely hand over their children.

In 2019, Namibia made it legal for a mother to leave her baby at government safe houses and police stations.




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