Some relief for BCM dams following rain

BCM finally has some good news on the water front.

LONE OASIS: Laing Dam remains over-capacity as other dams in BCM continue to struggle

Following continued rains last week, most dams in the area saw a rise in level with only two dams declining.

Bridle Drift and Nahoon were the only dams which lost water this week, dropping to 39.7% and 41.7% respectively.

Meanwhile, Gubu dam rose slightly to 56.9% from last week’s 56.2, remaining one of only two dams above 50%.

The other dam is Laing, which this week stood at 101.6%.

Rooikrans received the biggest boost this week, rising a staggering 15.4 points to 36.1%.

Finally, Wriggleswade increased slightly to 29.9%, although this was not enough to save the Merrifield Mile (see page 12 for more info).

This progress is reflected on the provincial level, with the Eastern Cape overall rising to 49.1%.

While dam levels have risen slightly over the last few days, residents should not grow complacent. The drought is still very much ongoing and Stage 3 restrictions remain in effect.


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