Spotlight on protecting environment

GOING GREEN: Own Space’s Namhla
Mayedwa and Ken Brian. Picture: SUPPLIED

East London-based organisation Own Space will be holding a free photoshoot next week in Oxford Street in order to raise environmental awareness, and also embrace nature.

“As a community, we’ve become so ignorant of the impact we have on the environment around us.

“It’s the little things we can do as individuals that would go a long way in making things better, such as deciding not to throw a piece of paper on the ground. “If every person makes it a personal responsibility, it adds up to the next person’s and we become a cleaner community,” Own Space member Ken Brian said.

Brian said he spent a lot of time on the beachfront during the festive season and noticed the large amounts of litter that wound up in the environment.

“We started to realise that the number of people increased as well as how much litter was left behind. “If we each individually took the initiative, the beach would be more friendly, not only for the kids there but also aquatic life,” he said.

On the day of the photoshoot, members of the general public can pose for the camera and are then encouraged to donate towards the Own Space initiative. They can also sign up for Own Space’s upcoming beach clean-up, although the date has still to be confirmed.


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