Stage 2 load-shedding due through weekend

Expect load-shedding over the weekend.
Image: 123RF/tawhy

Eskom says load-shedding will be implemented from 9am on Friday until 6am on Monday. This follows overnight power cuts enforced from Thursday evening.

The power utility said this was due to a shortage of generation capacity and depleted emergency reserves. In addition, three big units are scheduled for planned maintenance on Friday.

Johannesburg residents had a reprieve on Thursday evening, as the city was able to keep the lights on.

“City Power has an extra capacity to help mitigate against load-shedding and offset the 200MW that Eskom seeks to save. Therefore the residents and businesses in Johannesburg are cushioned from the impact of load-shedding Stage 2 as announced. While we are not load-shedding today, we however urge our customers to continue using electricity sparingly as our systems remain under pressure,” City Power’s Isaac Mangena said on Thursday night.

It was unclear if this scenario would be applicable for an extended period.

Some suburbs in the city, however, were without power due to technical faults.



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