Rolling blackouts this week, says Eskom

Stage 2 rotational load-shedding will continue until Thursday, Eskom says.

The electricity provider will endeavour to offer its customers respite between 6am and 9am each day to minimise the impact on traffic, it said.

On Sunday evening, Eskom said unplanned outages or breakdowns were at 11,831MW at 5pm.

“While good progress has been made in replenishing water for our pumped storage schemes, we have not fully replenished diesel for our open cycle gas turbines, necessitating that Stage 2 load-shedding be implemented during the week until Thursday. We will continue to monitor the system closely and will give periodic updates on the status of the power system, as things may change at short notice.

“We regret that load-shedding has a negative impact on SA. Critical maintenance is being done to units on planned outages, as well as some of those on unplanned outages, to ensure timely return to service.”

Eskom asked the country to use electricity sparingly, offering these tips:

  • Use the cold water tap rather than the geyser.
  • Only fill kettles with as much water as you need.
  • Set air-conditioners’ average temperatures at 23°C.
  • Turn off computers, copiers, printers at the switch and avoid standby or sleep mode.
  • Switch off lights and air-conditioners when you leave the office.
  • Switch off geysers in peak periods.
  • Set your swimming pool pump to run twice a day, three hours at a time, for optimal energy use.


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