Metal sheet found in pizza not dangerous, says Debonairs


South African-based fast food chain Debonairs on Monday admitted fault after a customer found a metal plate lodged inside her pizza.

The franchise said the incident happened at their outlet in Bloemfontein, on Nelson Mandela Drive.

“A customer placed a delivery order for a Triple Decker with a crammed crust … When the customer opened the pizza, she identified a pizza screen left inside the pizza between the top and the bottom layer,” said spokesperson Gail Sham.

She said the pizza screen was a flat perforated disk used to cook pizzas on as they go through the oven.

“The health and safety of our customers is of critical importance to us and we require all Debonairs Pizza restaurants to follow strict food safety process at all times. Unfortunately, in this instance, the team member responsible for checking and cutting the product did not identify that the pizza screen was still under the top layer of the pizza,” Sham said.

She highlighted, however, that no harm would have come to the client.

“This is an unacceptable error, and our customers should never receive a product like this. However, we can confirm that the metal screen posed no food safety risk to the customer,” Sham said.

Debonairs said it been in contact with the customer, had apologised and launched an investigation to work out how this happened.

Her pizza was also replaced, along with a full refund.

“The customer has advised that she is happy with the outcome,” said Sham.

By Monday afternoon, the customer who had taken to Twitter to share a picture of the pizza and detail her findings had deleted her post.


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