‘Not all families get a happy ending,’ says mother after missing student found safe

Sinayo Gqozo, 25, who has been missing since Friday, has been found safe.
Image: Supplied

The family of prospective UCT student Sinayo Gqozo, 25, who had been missing since Friday, is elated after she was found safe on Tuesday evening.

Gqozo left her King William’s Town home in the Eastern Cape to register for her BCom honours degree.

Her phone had been switched off and no one was able to tell her family where she was.

On Tuesday evening, she made contact with her family and confirmed she was safe.

“We are really grateful that she was found safe. Not all families get a happy ending when a girl child goes missing,” said her mother, Nomzi Gqozo.

She said the family could barely sleep not knowing if Sinayo was alive, given the scourge of violence against women.

“There are just too many incidents. We were worried, confused and panicking because we know she’s not someone who would just disappear.”

The student was found at a UCT residence in Wynberg, according to the family.

“She lost all her belongings, including her cellphone. This is why it was difficult for her to make contact with the family. She was allocated temporary residence with other students with financial difficulties and from distant areas.”

The family said it suspected Gqozo was “preoccupied” and challenged when she arrived in the city.

“We would like to thank everyone who helped us. Even UCT was very willing to assist us even though she had not yet been registered as a student there,” added Gqozo.

Sinayo was expected to register on Wednesday.




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