Party to help children’s home

Birthday bash takes a back seat for fundraising event instead

Instead of celebrating her birthday with her loved ones, East London local Fran Smith will celebrate her special day by helping out King’s Children‘s Home on February 16.Residents are asked to donate essentials needed by the home.

“I have had a longstanding relationship with the King’s Children’s Home for a couple of years already and the work Tracy King and her dedicated team does for these abandoned and abused babies and children is such an inspiration to me.

“All donations and items that have been pledged will be dropped at the home as they come in. Some items like nappies and formula are obviously urgently needed,” said Smith.

Products that are needed by the home include: *nappies, sizes four and five, Lactogen 2 Formula,cleaning products like washing powders and disinfectants, clothes, especially pyjamas sizes one to nine for boys and girls, and underwear sizes 2 to

KIND HEART: Birthday girl Fran Smith. Picture: SUPPLIED

Financial contributions are also welcome and will help towards the running cost of the children’s home.

King’s Children’s Home’s mission is to provide a temporary place of safety for babies and young children who are the victims of abandonment, abuse and neglect.

“I have always admired them. Not everyone can do the work they do or are called to adopt or foster children in need, but we can all certainly do our little bit to share the load and help those who are less privileged ,” Smith said.


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