Society facing closure

Performing arts group lacks sponsorship to continue its shows

CURTAIN CALL: Some of the cast members of ELPAS’s 2019 show, It’s a Musical. Picture: SUPPLIED

The East London Performing Arts Society (Elpas) is under threat of disbandment after their sponsor could not renew an agreement.

Elpas is an independent community theatre society with no affiliation to other societies.

“We do not have our own theatre, and we have to rent our venue with every show. When you add on the costs of sound and costumes, marketing etc and all the other little things, it becomes extremely expensive,” said Elpas founder Nasine van Rensburg-Boltt.

Van Rensburg-Boltt started Elpas out of her own pocket in 2016 in order to make a difference in the community, and to create a home away from home for fellow performers through the theatre.

“I have watched countless people find themselves again, I have watched people heal and become whole. I have witnessed women who felt like they had no voice in society become strong, fierce and independent, and watched men grow into men who step up and become strong leaders,” Van Rensburg-Boltt said.

The society recently produced the successful Vegas Show in November along with other successful productions during its existence.

“I believe the talent in this town is worth investing in. I want people to believe in themselves and to know they are enough and that their talent matters, no matter at what level,” Van Rensburg-Boltt said.

For those looking to assist or find out more, contact her on 083-314-5134 or email


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