‘Mama’ Goje cares for and equips the needy


The persistence of Clover Mama Afrika’s newest Mama, Mama Phumla Goje of East London,
finally paid off after she approached C‘Mama’ Goje cares for and equips the needy Clover Mama Afrika three years ago. The first time Goje applied to become a Clover Mama, she did not meet the full requirements, but this did not deter her from working hard to achieve this goal.

“I was impressed with Phumla’s structures that she had implemented, her honesty and her determination to succeed. “We are providing her with a bakery which is much-needed in her community,” Clover manager of corporate services professor Elain Vlok said.

Goje was grateful to Clover for supporting her. “My biggest focus is to equip young people and women in my village to become self-sufficient and I believe that I can change their mindset to do just that.“I have a food garden that I sustain and in April I will receive upskilling from Clover Mama Afrika in bread baking.”

The Clover Mama Afrika initiative aims to empower women in communities across SA with skills such as cooking, baking, sewing, food gardening and business management.

The “Mamas” are supplied with the necessary equipment and infrastructure to create an
income for themselves, to give back to their communities. Goje opened Dibashe Special Centre in 2002. Today, she cares for 190 children aged between the ages of 1 and 7, and she looks after 25 elderly residents in her community.

She is involved with many community projects.


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