Good news for EC dams

Continued rains have provided some much-needed relief to the drought-stricken Eastern Cape, with provincial dam levels rising above 50% for the first time in 2020.

BCM has also experienced the benefits, with only one dam seeing a decline this week.

The dam in question is Nahoon, which dropped to 40.9% from last week’s 41.8%.

Elsewhere in the metro, however, dams are slowly but surely rising.

The biggest success story is undoubtedly Rooikrans, which has seen an amazing 16.5 increase to 54% full.

This is even more impressive when taking into account Rooikrans started out the year at just 20% capacity.

Other dams, while not seeing as large a rise, are still in much better shape than last week.

Bridle Drift rose by 1.3 to arrive at 41% in the latest reading, and Gubu at 57.3%.

Laing continues to outshine its neighbours and currently stands at 101.2% capacity.

Finally, Wriggleswade thankfully didn’t decline but it also didn’t increase either, remaining stable at 29.4%

Stage 3 restrictions are still in place and residents should continue saving water where possible.


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