Talk provides soothing spiritual journey

STATE OF ZEN: Marlene Neumann, far right, shares a moment with students during her first series of talks titled ‘More Time Being, Less Time Doing’ held in East London last Saturday. Picture: SUPPLIED

East London-based fine art photographer Marlene Neumann is hosting a series of motivational talks which she plans to hold at her centre in Vincent.

The first out of four talks, titled More Time Being, Less Time Doing, took place last Saturday and guided participants on a soothing self awareness discovery using one’s senses and breathing.

Speaking about the ego, Neumann said she does not think that one can ever find their purpose.

“The ego latches onto the purpose and we all too often hang onto this. I’ve always been one of those children that question everything. I still don’t know what I’m meant to be doing,” she said.

The GO! was fortunate to take part in the talk on the Saturday morning.

“The world is starving for love and we’re too quick to kill everything. Aliveness does not mean success,” Neumann said.

Participants then went on a mindful walk outside to capture various images in Neumann’s garden.

The talks are about two and a half hours each and are based on Neumann’s experiences, teaching, challenges and triumphs.

“Do in this life what is needed,” Neumann said.

The next talk, What It Means To Wake Up, is scheduled for May 23.

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