Reddam Constantia dominates Vides

CHAMPIONS: Reddam House Constantia were the winners of the recent Vides Water Polo Tournament after a crushing victory against St Andrew’s College

There was plenty of excitement at the Selborne College pool last Sunday as the highly anticipated match of the 2020 Vides Water Polo Tournament kicked off.

This year, Cape Town’s Reddam House Constantia went head to head with Makhanda’s St Andrew’s College for the coveted trophy.

St Andrews came in second place

The first quarter saw the teams evenly matched, with each side scoring a goal to bring the score to 1-1.

Things really picked up in the second quarter with Reddam claiming three stunning goals, leaving them sitting on a 4-1 lead by half-time.

Reddam continued to dominate their opponents in the third quarter, scoring a whopping five goals to bring the score up to 9-1 in their favour.

St Andrew’s recovered some of their fighting spirit in the final quarter, snatching two more goals.

Third place went to Grey PE

It wasn’t enough to save them, however, and Reddam’s additional three goals secured them a strong 12-3 victory by the end.

Third place went to Grey PE, who beat Paul Roos Gymnasium 10-8 in the play-offs.

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