Eastern Cape bus crash claims 21 lives

Twenty-one people are confirmed dead and several injured after a bus travelling to Butterworth rolled down a steep embankment.

The bus reportedly overturned on the gravel road between Tafalofefe and Butterworth on Monday morning.

Emergency vehicles blocked the road while rescue attempts were co-ordinated.






Transport department spokesperson Unathi Binqose told DispatchLIVE that  “details as to how many have died and were injured are still sketchy”.

ImiNgcangathelo traditional leader Nkosi Phathuxolo Tyali, who was one of the first to arrive at the scene, said: “We are busy rescuing others … Our focus is to assist those who are injured. This is a tragedy.”

Health spokesperson Siziwe Kupelo confirmed the accident, and described how passengers had been flung from the rolling bus, while others were trapped under it when it finally came to a halt.

By:Lulamile Feni

Source:Daily DispatchLIVE


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