Load-shedding not planned for Monday — but that could change

Eskom said on Monday that unplanned breakdowns and outages had resulted in the possibility of rotational load-shedding being introduced.
Image: ESKOM

Eskom says while does not expect to implement rotational load-shedding on Monday, “the possibility has increased that we may have to implement load-shedding”.

“Overnight some generation units tripped unexpectedly, further reducing available capacity,” the electricity utility said. “We are utilising more emergency generation reserves than initially planned to supplement supply.”

Mitigating the risk, Eskom said “some generation units are planned to return to service today and tomorrow. This will improve the power system outlook for this week and help reduce the possibility of load-shedding.”

Eskom asked customers to continue using electricity sparingly to help curb demand.

Unplanned breakdowns or outages were at 13,804MW as at 7.20am on Monday and planned maintenance outages were at 6,511MW.




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