Archbishop Desmond Tutu honoured for lifetime service to LGBTI+ community

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has received a Lifetime Achievement Award for services to the LGBTI+ community from Outreach Africa, the organisers of Cape Town Pride 2020.

Desmond Tutu
Picture: FILE

The award was accepted on his behalf on Saturday by Western Cape premier Alan Winde.

“The archbishop sends his love and blessings to all associated with Cape Town Pride 2020.

“He said I should thank you for honouring ‘a decrepit’, and apologise for his being unable to be with you in person today,” Winde said.

In a statement, the Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation said: “The archbishop doesn’t just abhor prejudice, philosophically; he dedicated his life to practically supporting those who are discriminated against, victimised and/or marginalised. He has the courage to say things in ways that others might not. There are no holy grails. Thus, with crystal clarity, we know that he would not worship a homophobic God, and that if there is homophobia in heaven he’d rather go to hell.”


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