Publishers withdraw paedophilia scandal book, ‘The Lost Boys of Bird Island’

NB Publishers have withdrawn the explosive The Lost Boys of Bird Island book written by Mark Minnie and Chris Steyn which exposed a paedophilia ring that was allegedly run by apartheid era politicians.

In a statement released by the publishers, they concede that Barend du Plessis could have been erroneously linked to the book.

Minnie shot himself dead at a friend’s farm in the Eastern Cape in 2018.

Read the full statement below:

In the book The Lost Boys of Bird Island and its translated version Die Seuns van Bird Island, statements are made that may suggest that Mr Barend du Plessis, though not mentioned by name, might have been involved in the sexual abuse of underaged boys.

While attempts were made to conceal his identity, NB Publishers accepts that the books contain sufficient information to identify Mr Du Plessis as an involved party. The contested statements could not be verified independently.

NB Publishers unreservedly apologises for the publication of these allegations to the extent that they implicate Mr Du Plessis, and for the attendant infringement of his dignity and impairment of his reputation, as well as the emotional distress this caused him and his family. In order to limit further distribution of the book, NB Publishers has withdrawn unsold copies of both the Afrikaans and English editions of the book from bookshops, while the e-book has been removed from online e-trade platforms.

This apology is limited to Mr Du Plessis and does not extend to any other person identified in the book as having played a role in the events portrayed in the book. NB Publishers shall defend any attempt at discrediting the book and its contents in the appropriate forum. Issued by NB Publishers


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