Thanks to patrons who open hearts

The Catholic Order of the Knights of da Gama wish to say a big thank you to the patrons of the two Spars mentioned below, who so generously support our “Collect a Can – Feed the Hungry” project every month.

On the second Saturday of the month, the Knights collected food at Ashmel Super Spar in Berea and on the last Saturday of the month at Spargs Super Spar in Beacon Bay.

For the period January to December 2019, a total of 2,930 tins were collected at Ashmel and 2,560 at Spargs.

Also,162 packets containing  tea, sugar, rice, biscuits etc were colelcted. For those who forget to buy something, we also had a box for cash donations and these totalled R13,114. The estimated cost was thus R111,034. We also received a generous donation of clothing from Berklee @ Berea.

From our food collection we were able to pack 948 food parcels during this period.

The project, now in its 25th year, has been phenomenal.

Thank you once again.

Charles Hutchinson, treasurer, Knights of da Gama


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