Young model hopes to bust pageant stereotypes

BEAUTY WITH PURPOSE: Sarah-Jayne Johnson hopes to make a difference in her community. Picture: CREATIVE MEMOIRS

Clarendon High School pupil Sarah-Jayne Johnson, 17, is on a mission to not only break stereotypes at beauty pageants but also make a meaningful contribution in her community.

Johnson is the current first runner up for the Miss Eastern Cape Beauty With A Purpose.

“I didn’t think I’d get crowned as it was my first pageant. I was quite shocked to hear my name, it still hasn’t really kicked in.

“It’s not just about beauty, it’s about giving back and making a difference,” she said.

Johnson will attend a leadership summit with GirlUp Foundation in the US in July. “Part of that summit is a drive to collect at least 50 school shoes and 50 school shirts.

From there, GirlUp will be to identify the places or organisations that are in need for this,” Johnson said.

She has recently been shortlisted as a finalist for Miss Teenager South Africa which has a similar ethos to Miss EC Beauty With A Purpose.

“I’m so passionate about helping children. They have the right to live in a family environment.

They have the right too quality education, equal opportunities and have the right to be protected from abuse and neglect,” she said.

Sarah-Jayne Johnson. Picture: CREATIVE MEMOIRS

Johnson started runway modelling at 14 and is now the youngest runway photographic model at her modelling agency.

She has been involved in fashion shows such as the Berlin November, the Bridal Fair, East London Fashion and Hemingways Fashion.

Proud mom, Melody, said although her daughter juggles a lot, she is a diligent pupil.

“She’s grown up with dyslexia as a challenge, but maintains merit results at school and most importantly, wants to make a difference. Children flourish with their parents and support system around,” Melody said.

The community and corporates are encouraged to participate in her school drive.

Contact Melody on 082-4782948 or Sarah-Jayne on 082716-3379 for more information.


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