Selborne snatches last-minute win in tough clash with Hudson

It was a nail-biting match on Saturday when the Selborne College 1st XV rugby team went up against their Hudson Park counterparts in the final match of the Border Schools Rugby Day.

HARD FOUGHT: Hudson Park player Josh Jonas breaks through Selborne’s defences to land a try

It came right down to the wire but in the end, Selborne snuck through to a 17-15 win with an overtime penalty kick from Warrick Day.

The first half definitely belonged to Hudson.

Blake Diedricks’ penalty kick 16 minutes in put Hudson in a 3-0 lead, while Dillan Kromhout’s try in the last few seconds of the half pushed them to 8-0. It was a strong start, one they would fight tooth-and-nail to defend.

The tables began to turn with Selborne’s Josh van Vreden scoring a try early into the second half, bringing the score to a close 7-8.

This seemed to give Hudson a rude wake-up call and for a while, they fought hard to keep Selborne away from their end of the field. Unfortunately for them, Selborne player Nkoka Ngobe found a gap in their defences and cruised past for another try, putting Selborne in a 14-8 lead for the first time in the match.

Hudson didn’t take this lying down, and a hard-fought try from Josh Jonas in the 55th minute put them back on top at 15-14. With just five minutes left on the clock, both teams pulled out all the stops. When the final whistle finally blew, it seemed all over.

But then, during overtime, a high tackle from Hudson earned the team a red card and gave Selborne a penalty kick.

Day stepped forward, lined up his shot and sent it sailing between the posts to secure Selborne’s 17-15 victory.

The full match can be watched on the School Sport Live YouTube channel.


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