Joburg man ready and willing to help the elderly amid Covid-19 outbreak

Dia Ezzaoudi hopes to get more people involved in his new initiative.
Image: Supplied

A Johannesburg man is offering to help with the collection or delivery of medication and groceries for the elderly in his neighbourhood who are vulnerable to the coronavirus – for free.

Dia Ezzaoudi hopes other people will offer similar initatives in their own communities.

“We all know an elderly person who is probably in panic mode and can’t do much because they are at risk,” he said.

Ezzaoudi is a consultant who works from his home in Parkhurst, where he will be helping those in need.

“I can even walk their pets, if that’s what they usually do, every day. It’s the least the youth can do in such a desperate time,” he said. “I have the time – and a car I will use to go around.”

Ezzaoudi has not done any favours yet as he  came up with the initiative only on Tuesday. Utilising social media, he has asked people in his area to alert him to elderly people who may need help.

“Remember, our seniors are not on social media. So if you know of a senior neighbour, please reach out and add their number on the WhatsApp group,” he said.

On Wednesday morning the number of cases of Covid-19 in SA had risen to 116. According to the health ministry, there has been an increase of 31 new cases since Tuesday night’s announcement of 85 cases.

The elderly are among the most vulnerable to the disease.

Retail store Pick n Pay announced on Tuesday that it would open all its supermarkets and hypermarkets an hour earlier every Wednesday for elderly customers to shop for their groceries and essentials.




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