Kids called to audition for play

ON STAGE:Amanda Bothma, left, and Lori-Ann Preston are the creatives behind the Trixie auditions to be held at Guild Theatre Picture: AMANDA NANO

Auditions are underway for Trixie, the stage adaptation of Lori-Ann Preston’s book of the same name.

The stage play is scheduled to take place at the annual Umtiza Arts Festival on May 30.

“It’s a great community project which needs a cast of 20. The story is about 10-year-old Trixie with her clever bag full of tricks who plays a new one on someone each day,” Preston said.

Children looking to audition must be between eight and 10 years old and will need to do the following:

● Read the book and choose any character they like;

● Find a funny joke/story to tell in the voice of character of your favourite character;

● Find a wicked voice for Miss Lunatick;
● Create a funny walk for Mr Grum P. Coat;

● Snort like a pig; and

● Find a prank to play on the director Amanda Bothma, writer Lori-Ann Preston as well as all the other potential actors in the room (there’s a box of chocolates for the best prank)

Bothma said there is a need to get more children into theatre.

“It doesn’t matter if the children are watching a play or acting in one, it builds their character and fulfills their part in the community. Children should have the freedom to play or be whatever character,” Bothma said.

Schools are encouraged to bring their pupils to watch the show when it arrives. In addition to the book, there is also an audio CD version available.

To book an audition, contact Zuko at the Guild Theatre on 043-743-0704.

UPDATE: Due to the national disaster, COVID-19, announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa recently, the auditions have been put on hold. 


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