Virus puts brakes on cyclist’s plan

STILL GOING STRONG: Cyclist Cristin Flynn didn’t let Covid-19 break her spirit as she embarked on the 300km Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo last week Picture : SUPPLIED

But local cyclist determined to complete fastest
circumnavigation of the globe attempt next year

East London businesswoman Cristin Flynn had a monumental goal ahead of her as she sought to beak the record for fastest circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle. Unfortunately, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has forced her to put her mission on hold for the time being. Despite this set-back, Flynn didn’t let it dampen her spirits and even took part in the recent Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo, which saw her navigate to and from Cape Town unsupported.

The GO! & Express previously reported, (“Gearing up to cycle around the world”, March 5), that Flynn was planning to embark on a brave cycle trip around the world in honour of Cintsa-based school African Angels.

“Education is so important to me. I am obsessed with educating myself and have over the years accumulated many qualifications.

“What Lou Billet is doing with the kids at African Angels is nothing short of miraculous and
I want to support her as much as I can,” she said.

Flynn said she did not take part in the race category of the Expo since she was on a mountain bike, and her trip was more about having fun and raising funds and awareness for African Angels.

“ I am very passionate about education because growing up, I struggled. I had to fight and
work hard to get the education I deserved .

“That is why this fundraising for African Angels is big in my heart. Every child deserves a proper education,” she said. Although the global mission is postponed until next year, the
fundraising is ongoing, an amount not yet disclosed.


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