IAAI help to feed the hungry in BCM region

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to hit SA, a number of charitable organisations are stepping up to assist those most in need.

LENDING A HAND: It’s All About Image founders (IAAI) Klaus and Jenny Rodemann are working hard to help feed those in need by delivering food parcels during the lockdown. Above, the couple hand over hampers for new moms and babies to Frere Hospital’s Zukiswa Lwana earlier this year

One such organisation is It’s All About Image (IAAI), started by Klaus Rodeman and his wife, Jenny, in February 2018.

Rodeman originally worked for other already-established organisations, but decided to eventually strike out on his own.

“I thought I must go into charity myself because I enjoyed it.

“I’m 78 years old, I don’t want to just sit around doing nothing,” he said.

IAAI’s main project at the moment is collaborating with other organisations to distribute food parcels around the Buffalo City Metro (BCM) area.

Their main partner, according to Rodeman, is Blessings From Me to You (BFMY), which is run by Louise Leendertz Torr.

“She’s my main ‘partner in crime’ at the moment.

“We’ve been working very well together,” Rodeman said.

He said that BFMY was working in the Greenfields, West Bank side of EL ,while IAAI operated in Amalinda.

“Torr puts the food packets together, I collect them on a Wednesday and hand them out,” Rodeman said.

IAAI has also joined forces with Global Mercy Missions in Stoney Drift.

Rodeman has organised a number of charitable projects in the past.

The GO! & Express previously reported (‘Couple helping babies, moms’, April 5) how he and his wife had put together special hampers to help new mothers at Frere Hospital.

“We heard that some babies leave the hospital without certain basic items and it’s very important that they have these,” Jenny said.

“I then had the idea to start making these packs to help both the children and their parents out.”

For more information or to find out how to assist IAAI, contact Rodeman at aboutimage49@gmail.com or on 083-324-5032.


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