Time launches site to motivate youth

New social media sports channel entertains and educates

GOING VIRAL: Sesethu Time talks to local sports personalities on his own social media channel Picture: SUPPLIED

Local coach and social media influencer Sesethu Time has found a way of keeping sport conversations going for enthusiasts during the lockdown. Time recently launched a channel, #Lockdownconvos with Coach Time, on social media, on which interviews with various sport personalities are held.

“The channel is about engaging with different sports personalities from professional to schoolboy level, each from different sporting codes, and getting to know them and finding out about them from a personal perspective. They also give their thoughts on the pandemic, as well as sharing their lockdown routines and motivation for youngsters,” Time said.

He said the inspiration behind the channel was to try and take people’s minds off the lockdown by offering conversations for the youth, especially those who wanted to play professional sport.

“The main purpose behind it is not only to entertain but to educate the importance of perseverance, determination, as well self-discipline in the sporting world,” he said. Time became an internet sensation last year, when a video of him giving a motivational speech to Queens’ College pupils during their PE lesson went viral (“Coach an SA internet sensation”, Daily Dispatch, April 5 2019).

He said the channel provided quality, educational content, filled with humour and enthusiasm. The videos are broadcast on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7pm on
Time’s Instagram,@sethu _ time02.

“I urge people to watch every Tuesday and Friday should they wish to gain information about their favourite sporting heroes and if they want to engage,” he said.


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