Conquer ‘Slay the Spire’s’ battles with flexibility, cunning


You awaken at the base of a great tower, and the first creature you lay eyes on is a whale that is now talking to you and offering you special powers.

Welcome to Slay the Spire, a game about fighting your way up through floors of an ancient spire, pitting yourself against cut-throat brigands, merciless bosses, and eventually the beating heart of this mystical construct.

A deck-building rogue-like game, Slay the Spire sessions can be brutally short if players rush in without thinking.

You’ll need to plan out each encounter in every run if you want to succeed, and be prepared to alter those plans as needed.

No victory is guaranteed in the Spire.

Maybe you don’t receive the cards you need for your planned deck as rewards, maybe you don’t draw the one card you desperately need to survive another turn, or maybe you are just a few points of health short of what you need.

Whatever the reasons, Slay the Spire will punish haste and errors.

That’s not to say the game is completely unforgiving though, or unable to reward smart plays.

Build your deck well and you’ll have smooth sailing through many of the basic battles you’ll encounter on your journey up the Spire. At least, until you meet the Boss of each floor.

Each Boss is the final gatekeeper of their respective Spire section and will require different strategies to beat, with their own attack patterns and abilities.

It helps that the actions of every enemy are clearly telegraphed to the player, so whether they’re planning to attack, defend themselves, or inflict status effects, you’ll know what’s coming to you when you end your turn.

Whether or not you can actually do something about it is up to you and your cards.

Slay the Spire is a game that rewards the player for learning how to deal with varied enemies and events, whether it be dealing with multiple weaker opponents or a single, more threatening enemy.

It is also one that encourages a degree of flexibility when playing through each run of the game.

The perfect deck will not always come into your possession, and you will have to adapt your strategy on the fly if you suddenly find yourself without the crucial cards you need in your hand in a fight, or in your deck overall.

That’s alright though, as new runs are just a few clicks away whenever you have to start from the beginning, each ripe with the promise of a new shot at the Spire’s many hazards.

The Spire calls, and it’s time for another perilous climb. As soon as I get done talking to this whale.

Slay the Spire is available for Nintendo Switch, Linux, Playstation 4, iOS, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and MacOS


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