Fight your way to victory in ‘Kingdoms of Amalur’


The Winter Elves have come to wage war against the mortal races, and you were not so lucky as to avoid them. Did you die? Sadly yes, but you got better!

Thus begins Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, with your corpse on a slab, only to reanimate and awaken in a body pile in the middle of an incursion by, you guessed it, Winter Elves.

Don’t get put off by the mouthful of that name though, or the rather unceremonious beginnings of your adventures, Amalur has plenty to offer. After all, you’re now the only person in the whole world that is no longer bound to the unchangeable weave of Fate.

With the power to change the destiny of others now in your hands, and a natural interest in not dying for a second time, it’s up to you to venture out, cutting your way through enemies, helping people and collecting sweet loot.

A relatively straightforward skill system ensures the game is easy to pick up, and you’ll never find yourself bound into a single style of playing if you don’t want to be.

Perhaps a spell slinging mage is to your tastes at first, but then you want to switch it up and add some sneaky daggers in? No problem!

Suddenly realising the benefits of heavy armour? Amalur has you covered.

Even its classes, which unlock based on your skills, can be swapped out at your discretion.

You’re free to explore, fight, craft and interact as you please in Amalur, and there’s plenty of places to see, people to meet, and big monsters to fight.


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