Entrepreneur cuts and cleans clinics’ grounds


Being unable to work before level three of the lockdown hasn’t stopped Mandilakhe Matuwana and his team from neatening up the premises of Beacon Bay Clinic and Nompumelelo Clinic.

VOLUNTEER: Mandilakhe Matuwana working for free tidying and cutting the grass at the Beacon Bay and Nompumelelo clinics

The team worked hard last week to trim the grass around the buildings for free as a goodwill gesture to the community.

“I am the owner of Mario’s Grass Cutting Service, a business that I started to improve my livelihood and that of the community that I serve,” Matuwana said.

“On Wednesday, when I was coming from Spargs, I saw how tall the grass at the clinic was.

“I went inside to talk to the clinic manager and asked if they needed a grass cutter.

“She told me it’s normally the municipality which takes care of it but it’s been a while since its been cut.

“I’m happy that what I do can help the community.”

Matuwana has grown his business from being the sole employee with a brushcutter to now employing a few men to help him with bigger jobs.

“Due to Covid-19, the company is struggling because there is no money coming in,” Matuwane said.

“We would like to get any support from government and private owned companies, be it mentoring, workshops, funds or assets and a vehicle to grow and sustain the company through this disaster and beyond it.

“One day I’d like to be one of the top businessman in the world with thriving businesses that will elevate society by mentoring and helping upcoming youth, and developing the communities that made me who I am.

“I like what I do and I hope it will inspire someone and mostly the youth to wake up and do it for themselves.”

Contact Matuwana on 078-098-8591.


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