Slight increase for BCM dams

A rise in provincial dam levels last week from 53.4% to 54% was mirrored by a similar increase in the Amathole Water Supply System, which stood at 66.82% as of the latest reading.

The dam with the biggest improvement was Gcuwa, which rose an impressive 8.7 points to end up at 89.3% capacity.

Following close behind was Rooikrans Dam, which rose from 92.2% to 93.8% last week.

Even Wriggleswade rose by 0.9 points, although at 23.1% overall, it is still very low.

Laing Dam, as usual, remained stable at 100.5%.

However, two dams saw an overall decrease in capacity this week.

Nahoon Dam dropped by 1.1 points, ending the week at 50.2%, while Bridle Drift Dam fell from 45.8% to 43.8%.

BCM residents are urged to conserve water wherever possible.


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