Eastern Cape Covid-19 statistics – 9 July 2020

Graphic supplied by SA Department of Health

As of last night, a cumulative total of 238 339 confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Africa have been reported with 13 674 new cases identified

Case Data

Province Total cases for 9 July 2020 Percentage total
Eastern Cape 44432 18,6
Free State 3724 1,6
Gauteng 81546 34,2
KwaZulu-Natal 19630 8,2
Limpopo 2381 1,0
Mpumalanga 2902 1,2
North West 7870 3,3
Northern Cape 1039 0,4
Western Cape 74815 31,4
Unknown 0 0,0
Total 238339 100,0


Testing Data
56 170 
new tests were completed since the last report. We have thus reached a milestone of having completed over two million tests for Coronavirus.

I would like to pay special tribute to the men and women in the laboratory services who have made this possible- this is an enormous achievement that we can all be proud of as South Africans.

The total number of tests conducted to date is 2 000 569

Reported Deaths and Recoveries
Regrettably, we report a further 129 COVID-19 related deaths- 1 from Northern Cape, 26 from KwaZulu-Natal, 28 from Eastern Cape, 37 from Gauteng and 37 from Western Cape.

We also indicate that the current total deaths in Limpopo is 33 (not 44 as reported yesterday)This was a data interpretation error which has been corrected. Reallocation has since been done and we have confirmed the current total with the province.

Therefore, the total number of COVID-19 related deaths today is 3 720

We convey our condolences to the loved ones of the departed and thank the health care workers who treated the deceased

The number of recoveries is 113 061, which translates to a recovery rate of 47,4%


The provincial breakdown is as follows:

Province Deaths Recoveries
Eastern Cape 610 24304
Free State 19 629
Gauteng 515 23804
KwaZulu-Natal 249 5505
Limpopo 33 665
Mpumalanga 22 779
North West 36 1574
Northern Cape 7 267
Western Cape 2229 55534
Total 3720 113061

Dr. Zwelini Mkhize
Minister of Health


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