Bay resident, 88, beats virus with prayer and determination

BACK ON HIS FEET: Businessman Kolekile KK Kwatsha, 88, who recovered from Covid-19, has urged people to respect the lockdown regulations and adhere to precautionary measures

“When they first told me that I was positive for Covid-19 and I was admitted to hospital I was shaken, but I told myself I would not give in to the virus. I would conquer it.”

Those were the words of 88-year-old Port Elizabeth resident Kolekile KK Kwatsha, who recovered from Covid-19 after spending a week in Mercantile Hospital.

Kwatsha, from New Brighton, is among the 3,054 people in the city who, as of Saturday, had recovered from the virus.

The father of five said prayer and adhering to the quarantine precautions had helped him fight the virus.

He said he had felt sick with flu symptoms in mid-June and his family had taken him to the doctor after he started feeling worse.

He was tested on June 13 and was admitted to hospital two days later after his condition worsened.

“I don’t want to lie, the first day was difficult and I was confused and shocked.

“The coronavirus killed a lot of people already,” Kwatsha said.

He had struggled to sleep on his first night in hospital.

“I have read and heard about the danger of the virus, but I accepted that I had it and I told myself that my body was not going to be a carrier for it.

“I would do everything to make sure that I beat it,” Kwatsha, a diabetic who also suffers from hypertension, said.

He said the virus came to “shake the world” and was a reminder for people to look after themselves.

“I want to be an inspiration to many.

“Yes, this virus is deadly but can be overcome.

“I spent only a week in hospital [before] I was discharged to finish my quarantine time at home.

“I am now back on my feet.

“I want to tell the world that Covid-19 is real but if it’s not your time yet to die, the coronavirus won’t kill you,” Kwatsha said.

He urged people to respect the lockdown regulations and adhere to the precautionary measures to combat the virus.

“With God, everything is possible.

“If you put your faith in him and drink the remedies that help boost the immune system, you will survive this virus.”

An emotional Kwatsha, who ensured that his recovery was captured on video —  complete with some warm-up exercises — said the video was to show how he had defeated the virus.

“I am crying tears of joy, I am alive and strong,” he said.

Kwatsha’s daughter, Finini Mona, said when she learnt that her father had tested positive for the virus, she was devastated.

“I don’t want to lie, it was shocking but I consoled myself and I had to keep strong and stay positive,” she said.

Mona said faith and prayer kept her going during the difficult and uncertain time.

“My father’s age was a concern for every one of us, but we have faith in God.

“I also had to self-isolate and quarantine for 14 days and I made it,” she said.

She said families with Covid-19 cases should not panic but pray and use the remedies recommended to boost the immune system.

“I would like to advise the world that when one is infected to stay positive and let go of negative thoughts of death.

“If we support one another, we can conquer it,” Mona said.



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