Only hard work is rewarded

DAILY GRIND: It takes hard work to make an easy living
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Remember the good old days when becoming rich was relatively simple?

You were born with it, you married it, you bought into a pyramid scheme early or you won the lottery.

These days there are a few more creative options to consider.

One can use a method called tender entrepreneurship or creative accounting to help yourself to someone else’s, preferably the taxpayers’, money where the upside is that no-one is held accountable.

Alternatively one can find a few friends and some armour-piercing weaponry and take it from someone who is transporting it or looking after it for someone else.

This has the added advantage of being followed by a lively game of cops and robbers, with the unique modern twist of never being quite sure of who the cops and who the robbers are.

We live in violent times, which is not helped by the fact that television and the press bombard us with so much bloodshed, mayhem and carnage that we have become desensitised to these things. The response to objections about violence on television is that it is simply a reflection of reality.

Well, I believe that you get the reality you deserve.

I long for a different reality, but a different reality requires a different vision.

I suppose that means we have to take another look at that other oft forgotten and much maligned wealth creator, hard work!

The very first thing the Bible tells us about God is that He worked. It was such hard work that after a few days even almighty God rested.

What makes us think that we can get away with anything less than hard work?

Of course hard work on its own does not make life more peaceful and prosperous. For work to do that, it has to be meaningful and it has to be rewarding.

If we expect people to slave away at some arbitrary task for a mere pittance, the reality we wind up with is a plethora of alternative wealth-creation options and a society full of conflict, pain and suffering.


With so much discussion going on about national symbols, a newspaper columnist has come up with a novel idea to replace SA’s national bird, the blue crane, with something more in keeping with our multi-racial society.

His suggestion? Rainbow Chicken.


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