Be responsible when drinking

While there are many people who are undoubtedly excited about the unbanning of alcohol under the level 2 restrictions, the Association for Alcohol Responsibility and Education ( is urging residents to not get carried away.

The organisation said it was important that South Africans practiced a “culture of moderation” when it came to consuming alcohol. CEO Ingrid Louw said people should pay close attention to the health and safety protocols and do their part in preventing further Covid-19 infections.

“It is without doubt that if we do not adhere to the guidelines in place to protect each and every one of us, that we risk returning to a state of restriction.

“We are urging South Africans to demonstrate our ability as a nation to be responsible and avoid irresponsible and risky behaviour,” said Louw.

Along with the necessary lockdown restrictions that must be followed, Louw said South Africans must also abide by the necessary safety measures that are required with regular alcohol consumption.

“Do not binge drink, do not drink and drive, respect the rule of law, and let us move forward in our social contract as citizens,” she said.

Louw said it was also incumbent on traders to trade responsibly and to sanitise their stores regularly.

“Our success in curbing the spread of the virus rests on our ability to trade responsibly, practice responsible drinking – including practicing a culture of moderation – and adhering to government lockdown restrictions and Covid-19 guidelines.

“Our behaviour today determines our tomorrow,” Louw said.


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