EL protesters join Move One Million demonstrations

TAKING A STAND: East London residents take part in the Move One Million demonstration on Saturday outside PnA Stationers in Nahoon

On Saturday September 5, East London residents joined with protesters around the country and overseas in Move One Million demonstrations, in a stand against government corruption and crime.

Protestors gathered at various points around the city, with participants carrying signs and sporting Move One Million- branded t-shirts.

Move One Million provincial rep Abrie Pepler said the campaign was established earlier this year, and was born out of the #iamstaying Facebook group created by Jarette Petzer and Joanita van Wyk.

“We are a peaceful movement.

“We want direct elections and stand against corruption, farm murders, gender-based violence, hunger, the poor economy and any form of discrimination,” Pepler said.

In addition to East London, similar demonstrations were held in other areas across SA, while solidarity protests were held on the same day overseas. “We have international representation as well.

“We had in the vicinity of 16 countries showing solidarity with us [on the day],” Pepler said.

He said the campaign was against violence “in any form” and welcomed anyone, regardless of race, religious beliefs, gender identity or sexual orientation.

“We are not a political group and are not affiliated to any political party,” he said.

Move One Million founder Jarette Petzer said while last week’s demonstrations may have been small, they were only the beginning and their numbers would grow over time.

“Saturday’s event was one small step, one giant leap towards change in South Africa.

“We are determined that [Move One Million] will continue to travel across the country, holding conversations with community leaders and organisations to reach the hearts and minds of as many people as possible, especially those in impoverished communities,” he said.


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