Hudson Park pupil in Miss Teen SA top 10

Hudson Park High School pupil Emihle Mzomba, 16, is ecstatic after having been selected as a top 10 finalist in the 2020 Miss Teenager SA pageant recently.

BEAUTY QUEEN: Hudson Park High School pupil Emihle Mzomba is one of the top ten finalists in the 2020 Miss Teenager SA pageant

As one of the finalists, the next stage of the pageant will see Emihle, along with the other finalists, having virtual meetings later this year with the judges, who will then decide on the overall winners.

While she was born in Cape Town, Emihle moved to East London when she was nine years old and has been here ever since.

She started modelling from a young age.

“I started at the age of three or four,” the teenager said.

“I learned how to travel on my own at a very young age as well.

“I’m originally a runway model and was promoted to be a runway coach in January this year.”

Emihle has taken part in a number of big modelling shows in the past, such as the Berlin November and Buyel’Ekhaya.

She said her passion for modelling came from the way it allowed her to be herself.

“I believe that in modelling, I’m getting to express myself.

“Not in the sense of talking to people, but in the sense that I get to express what I’m wearing.

“I can speak for the designer.

“For me, pageantry is about expressing who I am and where I come from, what I can do and what I can do for other people.

“It’s about confidence and independence,” Emihle said.

As part of the pageant requirements, she has had to organise a project aimed at helping her community.

“My campaign is about empowering women to be who they are, naturally beautiful, and to embrace themselves and where they come from,” she said.

As part of her campaign, she recently visited Duncan Village to distribute food to the needy.

“I was also there to inspire them and show them that no matter where they come from, they can be who they want to be.

“It’s time for us as women to not only defy society, but to define it as well,” Emihle said.


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