Challenge to BCM to justify its exorbitant water penalities


The citizens of Buffalo City are fed up with the inconsistency in the application of water tariffs and the lack of regular water meter readings.

Much has been vented in the media – some of it adding to the confusion.

I hope the following may bring some clarity to the situation.

I agree with the penalties imposed during a drought but really, from just under R20 per kilolitre at the lower end of the tariff scale to a maximum of just over R200 per kilolitre at the higher end can never be justified.

To simplify this – a household using R1,000 worth of water per month (with penalties), now has to pay R6,500 for the same quantity of water.

The latest BCMM statement reflects that a reading was taken after two months, thus the household gets caught up with the maximum tariff for water because of the cumulative effect of the municipality not taking regular readings.

I challenge the mayor and his colleagues to try justifying this great injustice, and invite them to a debate on this matter.



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