Letter to the editor: Good Samaritans all around

On October 26, my husband John and I went to Retail Park for lunch.

On the way back to our car (it was drizzling, John tripped and fell on the gravel path between the parked cars.

Four ladies were wonderful and helped with tissues to mop up the wound on his hand, which was bleeding profusely.

Staff from Retail Park Care Centre also turned up with the first aid kit and a wheelchair to offer their help, which we did not need, but we thanked them anyway.

To add to our misery, John had left the lights on in the car and when we tried to drive off, the battery was flat!

A very kind gentleman then helped us connect jumper leads and got our car started.

Why I am writing this, is to thank all those very kind people, but whose names I did not take note of, who helped us out of our predicament.

Because of their help, we were able to get back home to Kennersley Park where John’s wounds were tended to.

Many thanks to you all!

June and John Wright, Kennersley Park


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