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The Campbells will hold two talks at St Nicholas United Church, Beacon Bay

TONGUE IN CHEEK: Liz Campbell is the author of two books despite being dyslexic. The first is ‘The Choice’ which she describes as ‘a roller coaster journey of gut-wrenching choices. Picture: SUPPLIED

ARTIST, cartoonist and author, Elizabeth (Liz) Campbell (née Robertson) is the author of two books despite being dyslexic.

The first is The Choice which she describes as “a roller coaster journey of gut-wrenching choices, wavering faith, reasons for compromise while staying true to myself with far-reaching consequences.”

Her husband, Jamie, said “Liz’s humour makes her tragic testimony and teachings very palatable. Her second booklet and DVD called Shabbat Shalom and all that Jazz – What’s it got to do with me is a classic example, all the while bringing understanding and preparing God’s people for His imminent return and how we all, Jews and Gentiles, belong together in our crazy world.”

Born in Queenstown and raised in East London, Campbell has strong ties to Cambridge High, Clarendon High School for Girls and Stirling Primary Schools and is looking forward to catching up with those who know her and also to making new acquaintances when she and Jamie present two talks here in December.

The talks will take place at St Nicholas United Church, 22 Pell Street, Beacon Bay on Thursday December 10 and will run from 6.45pm until 8.30pm and Saturday December 12 from 7.30pm until 9.30pm.

There is no cover charge.

Thursday night’s topic of ‘The Choice – Testimony Night’ will be presented in a manner that is guaranteed to have you in laughing and crying.

“On the Saturday night, the topic will be ‘Preparing the Bride – Jew and Gentile.’   I will explain how God’s blended family, Jew and Gentile, can at long last become one in Christ before our King’s approaching return.

“This is an essential topic to understand in these unprecedented end times.”

Humorous storytelling, blatant honesty and being as vibrant as her paintings ensures that her talks are a fascinating and challenging experience few will ever forget.

“Through laughter and tears, she shares her story plus the mysteries, hidden from past generations, about Jesus’s Hebraic narrative – a side of the coin that sadly gets neglected but once explained, as Liz uniquely does – that life and revelation are its fruits,” Jamie guarantees.

Her books and artworks will be on sale and she and Jamie look forward to seeing you there.

Due to Covid-19 protocol, seating is limited, so it is advised that you book soon for what promises to be life-altering and inspirational talks.

Contact Neil at or 073 931 7203 to book your seat



Stand a chance of winning an autographed copy of one of Liz’s books.

Simply e-mail the answer to the question below to with the subject line of WIN A BOOK

What is the title of Liz Campbell’s first book?

Please include your full name and daytime contact phone number.

Entries close at 4.30pm on Wednesday December 3.

The winner will be notified by the GO! & Express before Thursday, December 4. They would also need to have pre-booked for one or both of the talks and must be in attendance to receive their prize in person.



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