Local artist is heading for New York

East London Secondary School pupil Leona Mbire, 18, was recently selected to take part in the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) Convention next year in New York City, US.

STAR POWER: EL student Leona Mbire has been chosen to take part in the IMTA Convention in New York City next year.

Mbire earned her spot after excelling at the recent International Arts Talent Showcase (IATS), which took place between October 29 and October 31.

“I am very passionate about singing and acting and have always dreamed of becoming a famous singer and actress, of becoming one who would inspire others to follow their dreams no matter what background they come from,” Mbire said.

It was this dream that inspired her to enter the IATS in the first place.

“I auditioned for singing and acting back in June. Due to Covid-19, the auditions happened over Zoom and it was really exciting to get out of my comfort zone and actually go for it,” said Mbire.

Following her audition, Mbire received a callback to take part in the showcase and performed for a panel of six international judges.

“There I realised how much I love the stage and how amazing it felt to see people smiling and cheering for me, especially my family,” she said.

She then received another callback inviting her to the IMTA Convention in 2021.

“I remember I had already fallen asleep at the time so everything only sank in in the morning.

“I’m happy and proud that I haae taken the step up. Now my New York dream is about to come true,” said Mbire.

She is currently raising funds to cover the costs of attending the convention in New York.

“Dreaming is really easy but stepping up towards that dream is the hard part.

“I have to prepare to be better than ever and fundraise more than before. It’s going to be a long journey but I’m prepared for it all and I have faith that God will answer my prayeres,” she said.

Those looking to help Mbire raise money for the convention can contact her at 064-418-3072 or riambire@gmail.com.


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