Blaqverse bringing ‘hope to the hopeless’

East London-born musician Mvikeli Masuku, better known as Blaqverse, is continuing to pursue his musical career to great success.

HOPE TO THE HOPELESS: Mvikeli Masuku, better known as Blaqverse, said that one of his goals as an artist was to inspire others

Masuku did an interview with Keith Ngesi Digital TV where he discussed what inspired him and what the future may hold.

“Rap music, what drew me to it, was the story of hip-hop and rap, the story of rags to riches.

“Listening to hip-hop, it gives you hope that you can also become someone who has an influence in the world and someone who can actually grow to teach other people ways of living and gives people a good mindset,” he said.

For Masuku, the Eastern Cape has the potential to become a future hub for the local hip-hop scene.

“I’d say the [Eastern Cape] scene is not as it is in Joburg or in Durban. Over here, we’re still on the lower level because we have the mindset but we just don’t have the means.”

He said that while the Eastern Cape may lack some of the key infrastructure that would allow the hip-hop scene to expand, the continued collaboration between local artists will go a long way to help.

Masuku also said that as an artist, one of his goals was to inspire his audience.

“I’m sending out messages of hope, I’m actually giving out hope to the hopeless that we’ve still got tomorrow,” he said.

“The situation we’re in is not forever.”

Following the interview, Masuku performed his latest single, Hope, which dropped in August.


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