Tech training bursaries up for grab

SA-based company Silulo Ulutho Technologies is giving back to local communities by offering three training bursaries through their Silulo Training school, which hosts courses focused on computer literacy.

The company, founded in 2004, started by providing internet cafes to rural communities.

“We saw a niche in the market that most of the rural areas are neglected as far as tech is concerned,” said Silulo Ulutho head of digital Zola Lena.

“We saw an opportunity to introduce internet cafes to these groups. The demand grew from there and we saw that not only did people not have have access to the internet but they were also not tech-savy, the didn’t know how to use a computer.”

They then decided to open up their own training school, Silulo Training, to offer communities courses in a variety of subjects such as computer literacy, office admin, business admin and coding.

The idea for the bursary giveaway came as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“When Covid-19 started, we sat down as a company and asked ourselves how we could help our communities more. Not everyone can afford the services we offer,” said Lena.

“In essence what we are doing now is giving the communities that we serve the opportunity to take part in a fully paid course in any of our branches.”

To register to stand a chance of winning one of the three bursaries, simply register on their website. Alternatively, visit the Silulo Training Facebook page for more information.

You can also follow them on Twitter @SiluloTraining or email


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