EC police spokesperson retires after 35 years

Veteran EC police spokesperson Captain Jackson Manatha (60) is finally calling it a day after 35 years of loyal service.

“I knew this day will come as there is no beginning without an end,” Manatha said.

He will be returning to his ancestral home at Tutura Village, Centane.

Manatha first joined the police service on October 15, 1985 at Butterworth in the former Transkei.

“I was very much interested in law and order and already experienced as a mine police officer since I worked at Beiser Gold mine in Welkom in 1983.

“I was supposed to undergo training for six months but because of insufficient supply of uniform we stayed for almost a year,” he added.

After he completed training, Manatha joined went on to serve in crime prevention but also later dabbled as a court orderly. There was no court interpreter and they requested his services, which he gladly obliged.

“That is when l accidentally became a court translator and almost got recruited by the Transkei Supreme Court, but that didn’t materialise and am grateful l remained in the police service,” he said.

He was unofficially appointed as a police spokesman for Butterworth in 1996.

In 2005, he was promoted to the rank of a Captain and this was the beginning of his journey as the official spokesperson for Butterworth police.

Manatha is grateful for the opportunity to serve the SAPS and his community for the last 35 years.

“Through this job, l was able to take care of my family and my children. I built myself a beautiful house l call home.

“I bought livestock like sheep and goats and made a lot of friends. The police were very supportive in 2009 when l fell sick. They were an unending fountain of support,” he recalled fondly.

Manatha says he looks forward to a restful retirement.

“I intend to keep indoors and obey the coronavirus prevention precautions. I will take care of my goats and sheep and once in a while l will share my wisdom or give sound advice the community,” he said.

EC police spokesperson, Jackson Manatha calling it a day, after 35 years.

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