Rhonda’s dating service, Date Rite, launched in East London

Those looking for love this Valentine’s Day might want to look into Date Rite, a dating service run by Cuts by Rhonda owner Rhonda Dettmann in January.

MATCH MAKER:Rhonda Dettmann’s dating service is aimed to help East Londoners

“Some years ago, I had a dating agency which I ran for three years and got 18 people together,” Dettmann said.

Due to personal reasons she had to stop, but in December she saw a lot of people on the Facebook group East London Girls inquiring about possible dating services in the area.

“I put on there that I had a dating agency years ago and was wondering if I should start it up again,” she said.

The responses, said Dettmann, were overwhelmingly positive and so she started up Date Rite last month.

“They [clients] come in so that I see them personally and they have a form they fill in. I vet all of them,” Dettman said.

She then goes through her other members and matches them according to the results on their form.

“I do this after hours because people think ‘Oh Rhonda, you’re giving up hairdressing’ but no, I’m not.

“I don’t profess to be a guru but I offer guidance and experience.”

To sign up, call 079-085-7528 and book an appointment. The fee is a once-off payment of R500 for six months.


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