Group aims to assist families experiencing troubles, trauma

A new group has sprung up in East London that is looking to provide comfort and support to families and parents going through tough times.

These include but are certainly not limited to: divorce, single-parent homes, parents who are battling the legal system or family court, or those looking for help caring for special needs children.

Comm(on)Unity was started late last year by a group of parents who needed extra help and encouragement with their families.

“The name tells the tale. It’s a play on the words ‘community’ and ‘common unity’,” said Cristin Flynn, one of the founders.

“The idea is to create a supportive space where families can help each other practically and where new families going through hard times can learn from those who have already experienced trauma or struggled their way to the other side.”

Every month, Comm(on)Unity holds a meeting where family-related experts present talks on a number of different topics.

They have hosted other social events, as well as daily online meetings and small group-events at home.

“If you are battling with family matters, legal struggles related to the same, vulnerable children or adults with learning or mental challenges, then Comm(on)Unity is a haven for you,” Flynn said.

“Come as you are and share your life with a group of non-judgemental parents who have been through great challenges and await on the other side to give you a big hug (because they need it too!).”

Comm(on)Unity is hosting an event at Pinecreek at 10am on Saturday February 27, with family attorney Roxanne Vickers as the guest speaker.

Contact 074-827-6131 (WhatsApp only) or email for more information.


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